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Computer Engineering @ Calpoly - SLO

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About Me

Hacker | Coder | Nerd

Hi! My name is Dev and I am currently a freshman at California Polytechnic University @ San Luis Obispo. I am currently an aspiring Computer Engineering student and am proficient in Java, Python, CSS, HTML, and Flask. In my free time, I enjoy camping and hiking, taking apart electronics, and FPS gaming. Feel free to reach out or contact me below with any questions!

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My Recent Projects

What I have made recently



December 2020 - Present

This was a winter break project I developed with my roommate. Built in Flask and Python, It analyzes user Spotify data, and returns AI generated playlists, a users top 50 songs, and many others! Feel free to check it out below, and contact me with any feedback!


March 2018 - November 2018

Built in a group of 4 at LAHacks 2018, this project allowed users to text a phone number to receive worldwide news. While this is not useful in the United States, the Twillio API allowed us to generate numbers with any area code. This allowed us to cater uncensored news in countries where internet is limited or not readily available!

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Professional Accomplishments

What I have accomplished thus far

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SWE Engineer at Polysat

It was always my goal to work in a computer science setting on-campus. Recently I got the opportunity to join the Polysat software team. Not only will be developing the communications systems of satellites that go into space, I will be maintaining existing rockets and establishing a codebase. Currently I am still training and learning the codebase, however I do plan to be developing my own project shortly.

Developed Stable Network Backend

When it came to hosting Playlistifyer, I had to develop an optimized and efficient backend that could tolerate multiple users and deliver results efficiently to all users. My codebase supported 20+ concurrent users and generated 750 playlists over the span of 24 hours - all without lagging even once.

Website developed from Scratch

Over the past 3 years, I have been developing and maintaining my own personal website. While this website may not be update to date currently, most elements and design has been coded from scratch using HTML, CSS, and a little bit of javascript.As recent as 2020, it even has SSL certification, a certification by Norton ensuring that the website is safe for consumers. One can view the website at here


Professional Aspirations

What I aspire to accomplish

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Summer 2021 Internship / Fall 2021 Co-op

Due to the fact that my experience has not been working with a large team, I want to earn an internship position at a big company. This will not only give me experience at how a big tech company works, but will give me invaluable experience in how a team works together to build a product.

Expand my professional reach

While being a freshmen, I do not know much about what being a real SWE engineer is like. My goal is to meet others in the software engineering feel and gain a better grasp for what life after college might be like. I also aim learn how to cold message and contact recruiters to showcase my abilities to other companies.

Hack for Change

One of my long-term goals has been to develop something that benefits others in a positive or meaningful way. Whether that is allowing users to receive uncensored news or giving accurate COVID-19 data, I aspire to develop something that brings around meaningful change. I also aspire to build a simple project that is frequently used by many. Examples include,, or Spotify Wrapped.

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